The National Youth Council of Latvia

The National Youth Council of Latvia (LJP) is founded in 1992 as an umbrella organization  of youth organisations and organisations working with young people in Latvia.

The mission of LJP is to create an environment in Latvia where young people have quality living conditions so that children's and youth organisations can achieve their goals.

The vision of LJP is to become youth opinion leader in Latvia and the world.


The aims of LJP are:

1. to develop youth work;

2. promote the participation of young people in decision-making process;

3. to represent the interests of the member organisations of LJP;

4. strengthen organisations working with children and young people.


The tasks of LJP are:

1. defence of interests in the development of youth policy;

2. to inform the member organisations and the public of youth policy;

3. to support member organisations in the development and implementation of youth work and youth policy;

4. strengthen cooperation and capacity between member organisations;

5. to provide expertise and to implement research in the field of youth policy.


During the lifetime of  The National Youth Council of Latvia, the number of members and associate members has been different and currently LJP has 28 members, 20 of whom have full membership status and 8 organisations are associate members.

You can find out more about our member organisation here.


Our contacts:

E-mail: ljp[at]

Phone +371 28018002

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